If you're looking to preview my work, make sure you check out the blog.

I like to document my galleries through blog posts. I think it makes things a little more personal, because like people, all of my sessions are always different and unique. You'll also notice that I have some other blogs as well that cover anything from advice to different aspects in the wedding process. If you can't find what you're looking for, give your girl a hollah! 

What I offer


Weddings are my absolute favorite. Getting to know my couples inside and out is of the upmost importance to me. Pictures are an investment for a lifetime, so reflecting individuality through those images is so important. 


The time that I share with my couples (typically during an engagement session before their wedding) is the time to have fun and get to know them. You want a pizza photog session? Done. You want a roller blading session? Done. Let's do it!


I literally am obsessed with boudoir. I started boudoir because honestly I had a lot of inquiries coming in regarding that style of session. So I started up one weekend and it was life changing. These sessions are one of the most empowering experiences you could ever have.


Something I don't advertise as much but I freaking SHOULD is that I offer marketing subscriptions. There are several different package options to fit both your business and budget while still giving you BOMB ASS images for your social media content. 



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