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Let's be honest, one of the best parts of receiving your wedding pictures is looking through all the images that happened while you weren't looking! The first set of these pictures are typically the detail shots. What the heck is that? Welp. Lemmmeeee tell you!

Amidst the craze of getting ready on your wedding day - your photographer typically sneaks off to take pictures of your dress, bouquet, rings, shoes, cufflinks, Disney World pins, or whatever else you may have! And that gets you the pretty shots of all your perfectly picked details.


It is so helpful to show up with these things already collected so that your photographer can zip out, take some beautiful shots of all of your stuff and bop right back in the action with you!

What kind of things could you stick inside your detail bag that would help? WELL I'M GLAD YOU ASKED.


Obviously, you're gonna need a bag - a great place to quickly pick up a cheap one would be somewhere like Hobby Lobby, The Dollar Store, etc. You could even make a special day out of putting your bag together, and decorating it! Or you can be like me and throw a couple slim Jims in and call it a day, haha!

Some great items that you can put on the inside are:

Invitation Set - As couples we spend so long picking out the invitation for our wedding, so let's show it off. These sets also provide a great background for other details.

Rings (B&G), Veil, Watches, and Other Jewelry - Don't you worry, I will give them right back!

Wedding Dress - No I'm not silly, I know this won't fit in your bag. BUT keep it nearby so I can quickly grab it and go!

Bridesmaid Dress - Like the wedding dress, I understand this won't fit in your bag, but keep it near. I typically use bridesmaid dresses for things like textures in different images.

Something Borrowed | Something Blue - If you're into honoring this tradition, sharing the items with your photog can provide some really sweet moments in pictures.

All. Of. The. Florals. - Not only do we want to showcase your bouquet, but adding something full, living, and full of texture/color provides such a nice background or side piece for a lot of the other detail shots.

Shoes - His and hers both! They always provide some personality!

Perfume | Cologne - Something as silly as remembering the perfume/cologne you wore is so sentimental, and I mean hey, it can always give you an easy suggestion for an anniversary gift in the future!


is to let either a bridesmaid, mother, mother in law, or whoever you deem most trustworthy know that you are doing this and designate that person to collect the bag when your photog is done so that everything can get back to its rightful spot before the day begins. This helps everything go smoothly and takes the stress of of your shoulders so there's not one more thing on your plate!

There are SO many choices, and none of them are wrong (...within reason guys...). Just provide what is sentimental to YOU, that's the most important detail of all!



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