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Things tend to start moving really fast when you are planning for your wedding and it can be so easy to pick a photographer based off content alone, but don't do it! There's so much more to consider. Most of the time you already have someone in mind, whether you've been stalking their Instagram page for years, maybe they shot your friend's wedding, maybe they're your friend! Either way, check in to make sure that all of your boxes are checked for what to look for. Everyone looks at style, editing technique, color palettes, all that jazz on their Instagram feed - but here are some more areas I recommend considering:


You guys. We use personality to pick everything in our lives - use it with your photographer! You are going to spend the entire day with this person. The difference between just providing a service and your

wedding photographer is that you are trusting someone with the creative vision you have in your head. It must be perfectly meshed with your photographer's creative style to bring your dream wedding images to life. This is so much more than a service, you are making your memories into art together. That's me - your memory artist.

Are they good at communication?

You definitely don't want a photographer that is just going to take your money, ghost out for a few months, and then pop back up on your wedding day ready to shoot with a couple they know nothing about. I try to be in communication with my couples at least once/month to check in, see if they need help, see how things are going, ask more questions - there's always always more to know.

Do they have a backup plan?

Does. your. photographer. have. a. backup. plan?! We are only humans, just like you! Things happen even though we never want them to. It's just a fact. Always make sure to check out your photographers emergency plans before booking. You can check mine out here!

What do you include?

Never assume that something is included in your package, your photographer should have something presentable to you so that you understand what you will receive for what you are paying them. Make sure you ask about prints or how you will receive your images so that you are not charged any hidden fees (lame) or so that you are not expecting to be handed your photographs when your photographer is going to charge you for them.

Who picks the images?

Will you follow a shot list? Or do you prefer to have free reign to capture what you see? While I personally allow a small shot list for specific pictures, part of the reason you select a photographer is for their eye - after all it is an art form, and you are trusting an artist! Allowing your photographer to do their job and trusting in their eye to reflect your vision is all a part of who you select as well.

How many weddings do you shoot in one weekend?

This is an important question! It's not a bad thing to shoot more than one wedding in a weekend, but depending on the circumstances there is always a possibility of travel delays. You will want to make sure you communicate with your photographer about if they juggle weddings like this, and what that looks like for them.

There are no dumb questions! Do not be shy! This person is documenting one of the most important days of your life, having extra questions for them is completely understandable. If you have a photographer who does not understand, they are not the one for you!



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