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Your engagement shoot is coming up! But what in the world do you wear?! Don't worry, I'm gonna help you out! Being engaged is such an exciting time in your life and it's so great to be able to take a breath in the middle of the chaos that is the transition between dating and marriage - and celebrate together AND have pictures to remember that celebration!

This time is usually when you are with your photographer for the first time, sometimes it's the first time you've ever had professional pictures taken! There can be a period of awkwardness - but don't worry we are going to kick that out of the park and celebrate, laugh, and create natural moments that celebrate you.


One of the biggest mistakes you could make during your engagement session is to wear something that you are going to be uncomfortable in or that is un-natural to you. This will definitely translate over into your pictures and your overall experience in your session. Dress in what is comfortable for you and your body type - staying true to yourself is the best thing that you can do!


Match? Oh for sure. Match? Nope nope.

You definitely want to complement each other's clothing, but don't want to match so much that it's distracting for your pictures.

Color - Keeping with colors that are not the exact same, but in the same color family is a safe way to go.

Pattern - Patterns are such a tricky spot. Looking at the picture of my buds Carline & Kingsley over there; Kingsley decided to wear a neutral shirt with pin stripes which provided a different type of textile without being too distracting, while Carline stuck with a black dress perfectly compiling the two together.


More about tones! Here are some of my favorite styles to stay in:

  • Neutrals - light & dark greys, browns/tans, white, black, forest/sage greens (think Earth tones)

  • Moody - forest/sage greens, black, browns, burnt orange, deep burgundy (think jewel tones)

  • Formal - black, white, red

**Dress for your environment** If you are taking your engagement pictures in a pine forest, think rich dark greens, neutral colors, woodsy vibes. If you're getting engagement pictures taken on a beach, maybe lighter natural tones with a pop of color will work or striking black against the sand. Pinterest is your friend - and so am I, don't be afraid to ask for help!!

"I also find orange is the least photogenic color, while red is the color your eye is drawn to immediately—and you don't necessarily want your shirt or skirt to be the focus of your photograph. You want your faces and the love between you to stand out." - Jillian Requeima Photography

Things to avoid: Neons, tones that wash your skin out (if you have very light skin, maybe white is not the best choice as it can wash you out), crazy patterns, and.....less is more! Don't fall into thinking you need a ton of accessories or outfit changes, take advantage of the time that you have and celebrate each other! That is what will give you the best engagement photos.


If you're taking your engagement pictures outside in the winter, dress for it! I promise, it will not look tacky! It will look so much better to be seasonally appropriate than to try to pretend to look warm! We can always take something off or put something on, but at the core dress comfortably so that you don't rush through your session. Embrace layers, run around barefoot, whatever your season provides!


This is the most important, look at where you are in life!! You are with your person and they love you. All of you. All the flaws, perfections, and everything in between. This is such an exciting time in your lives and what's more than the pictures are the memories we're going to create together. So come prepared to cuddle, feel free to tell your partner during your session why you love them, why you're excited to marry them, what your preferred cereal to milk ratio is, let's have fun!!



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