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You guys. I know, that I know, that I know, that I KNOW that we are all o-v-e-r this whole covid-19 situation. But, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere for the time being, so let's talk about some ways to be a quaran-kween!


The most important thing, next to staying physically healthy is staying mentally healthy! No matter how spontaneous we may claim to be on an individual basis, we are all creatures of habit and we rely on the routines that we create to help keep us sane.

Find new ways to allow your routines back in, and even create new routines along the way; change can be a good thing. Channel your nervous energy into finding new ways to reflect your personality. Being forced to stay inside has helped me to revisit some other creative outlets I don't always have time (or make time) for like baking, coloring- I have no shame, redecorating but let's be honest I do that all the time, and whatever else my brain feels like doing that day! My hubs and I have even been trying to teach our dog to 'clean up' his toys. I'll let you know when that one comes to fruition.


One great way to make sure you're keeping yourself on your toes is to set monthly, weekly, even daily goals to make sure that you are moving and staying positive. Even if that goal is just to do something other than

binge watch Tiger King on Netflix all day, let's be honest we all do it, then hey - that counts!

They say "bloom where you're planted", and if that means that I have to bloom from my living room then damnit I'm gonna do it.


I know, I know, you already know all the rules. But seriously - it's so important to minimize the risks as much as possible. WASH YOUR DAGGUM HANDS LIKE THE BOSS THAT YOU ARE. The CDC and all the medical professionals that are studying this disease know what they're talking about and I can promise you that they're not out to make our lives harder. Wash your hands, limit your social footprint as much as possible, if you're a spiritual person please pray, and find other creative ways to exercise your social needs (I know you want to do that Target run just to get out of the house, I see you. Don't do it!).


Start thinking out of the box! I know that realistically I shouldn't be hanging out with all my gal pals, but there are other ways that I can interact with them! While we've been in quarantine, my friends and I have:

- Talked to each other through care windows across the street

- Sat in front of our parked cars and talked WELL over six feet apart. Don't worry, we all managed to bring the necessities (Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Duh.)

- Alllllllllllll of the FaceTime calls

- Google hangouts for D&D because I'm a nerd and I have no shame.

- Send some snail mail! It's the perfect time to write letters, isn't it funny that's how we're adding some spark now!

- My sister and I even bartered oven baked chicken wings for homemade chocolate chips cookies. I'm not saying that COVID was a solution, but I'm just saying that maybe a trade economy based around food could work after all....

There are so many other ways to stay in touch with your friends and still play it safe. Get creative!


This is one of the easiest ways to just be a great person. Target, Walmart, Kroger (shoutout midwest), gas stations, they're gonna be okay. It's your local friends who are STRUGGLING. Don't shame me, I know that there are for sure some bigger brands who could be struggling too - I'm not out to make enemies. I know that we can't all go into the local shops to purchase from these lovely people, most of them are closed anyway, but I know at least for the small midwest town that I live in a LOT of them have online options or take orders. Support them! One restaurant in my town even started doing take and bake meals and I think that's freaking awesome and a great way to think outside of the box to cope with this situation.


Until this shindig is over, I'm offering a heck of a deal for shopping locally. Any one who has a future session/wedding booked with me or wants to book a future session with me (because I'm not shooting while this is going on, sorry!), this deal is the STUFF MY DUDE. You can take up to $150 off of your session just by sending me a picture of your receipts from shopping locally. It's literally that easy.

Stay strong, we are going to get through this together.

It will end, I promise.

Lastly for your viewing pleasure - this super grainy throwback picture of my sister and I serving you toddler kween royalty realness.

keep your chin up friends.



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