I love capturing real moments, emotion, and memories as they happen and try to avoid stiff old school posing. That being said, I will still give direction when needed allowing you to interact within each shot so everything looks and feels natural.


I love vibrant earth tones leaning more toward a vintage look. All of my images have a matte, romantic autumn feel to them.  My goal is to create something that takes you back to the memory but in a way that is artistic and unique. 

I am very inspired by nature and I love to have my sessions reflect that. Greenery is my favorite (can you tell?), but I also love water, landscapes, basically anything and everything. I am always down for some adventure and excitement so let me know if you have a special idea! 

I am a firm believer and advocate in promoting body positivity, so I don’t alter the way you look other than skin blemishes or anything temporary that would not normally be there (bruise, scrape, acne, etc.) If you’re especially self conscious about something, please let me know and I’ll be sure to be extra aware of that while I’m posing you. 

I.LOVE.NEUTRALS. I cannot say this enough (can you tell from my website?!?!). Earth tones are my favorite - think dark greens, browns, white, black, grays, etc. I tell people to stray away from crazy patterns, but of course I still want you to remain true to your self. I suggest neutrals because they pop with ANY background and compliment it well, the focus is then on your face and those in the shot as opposed to your clothes (unless that’s the goal of this session). I tell people to have fun through the texture + style of their clothing instead!

Check out my engagement style guide here

My wedding collections include wedding coverage, high resolution edited images, printing rights to your images, and an online gallery where you can download your images. In most packages, a complimentary engagement session is included. I also have add ons such as second and third shooters, polaroid film, boudoir sessions, etc. which I will offer to you when we review your package.

Each one of my packages varies in how many images are delivered, but I promise I’ll always include plenty of images of everything I capture. I don’t like to give a cutoff number because I don’t believe in withholding any images from you to get you to pay more. These are your memories and I promise to capture them fully and give you more than enough images to remember this time in your lives. 

Head over to my 'talk to me' page and send your details. I will check my calendar and make sure that we are a good fit for each other. If you decide I’m your gal, I collect a 30% retainer upon contract signing which will go towards your total. Then you’re booked. YAAAAS KWEEN. 


Everything booking related can be done online, payments, contract signing, every-thing. The easier the better, am I right?!

I require 30% retainer to secure your spot on my calendar, and the remaining 70% is due 1 month in advance of your session date. You can split these payments (up to 3 payments) if you’d like to help make it more flexible in your budget. I’m happy to work with you! 

I love, LOVE, working with laid-back, down to earth, adventurous people. I love people who really know what the day is about and how that is evident throughout their entire day. I love brides that are willing to get a little dirty to create unforgettable moments + photos. I do not discriminate against any couples based on sexuality, gender, religion, race, etc. I love just about everyone. 

I love editing, it’s honestly my favorite part of photography other than making new super-awesome friends (hopefully like you!). That being said, it typically takes me up to one week for a typical session, up to two weeks for an engagement session, and up to four weeks for wedding photography. I try to give them back to you as soon as possible while still providing each image with the attention that it deserves.  

You will receive all of your photos in an organized online album that you can then share with your family and friends at no additional cost! You will receive printing rights to your photos where you can download them from your online gallery and print them at your location of choice. I do have some recommendations of companies that have always done me right!  

This is such a great question to ask your photographer, we are only human! Of course no one wants an emergency to happen, but it's so important to have a plan in place. Go ahead and check out my emergency plan here

I’m glad you asked!! I absolutely would suggest using a second (and even third) shooter for all weddings. Having a second shooter ensures we capture every moment of your day and all the ones in between. It helps me focus on specific moments while adding a different perspective, and allowing my second to pick up the sides along the way. Also, it gets you even more pictures so what's not to love! All of my packages include pricing for a second shooter, I've got you covered!