Where do you store the images?

After my SD cards come out of my camera, they are placed in a zipped container that is ONLY for SD cards. Meaning, it does not get opened unless to put them in/take them out. When I am rejoined with my trusty laptop, the images then get stored in three places. 

1 - Lightroom, which is the editing software that I use 

2 - My external hard drive which is my big library where I store all of my photos 

3 - They remain on the SD cards until the library is delivered to my couples. That way, in case of a technical emergency, there is a still an additional backup, even if that means I have to start the editing process over.  

Once delivered, the photos are removed from Lightroom & my SD cards but will remain in my external hard drive and your online gallery for one month available to download/share at your leisure. 

What happens if you're sick on our wedding day?

This is the other reason why I always, always have a second shooter with me! Those second shooters are people I have carefully hand selected for their style, personality, and eye for photography. Their style is similar to mine and I know they will capture a day with the same purpose and love that I would. In the event that I am so sick I am unable to shoot, I send them on their own as I have already given them the 411 about your wedding ahead of time anyway. I will be in constant contact with them from home to be available from quarantine. Additionally, I typically try to arrange for an additional person for them to have (another second shooter). After receiving the images, I will styill edit them in the style that you booked me for and go forward as planned. 

What if the unthinkable happens?

The only way that you would ever lose all of your wedding photos would be to an unpreventable technology failure. I have read horror stories of photographers plugging in their SD card to the laptop and the computer crashing, lose all data, etc. WE ARE NOT GONNA GO THERE GIRLFRIEND. Obviously your wedding day is one that we can not redo and I would never, never do anything to put your memories in a place that is not safe and secure. 

If the unthinkable happened, and due to a technology fail that is completely unpreventable on my end, I would refund all payments and offer you a free styled shoot. 

What if the weather is bad?

Weather is only a portion of your day! Unless your whole wedding is outside uncovered (in which case, please plan for a backup space), then we will definitely come up with a plan B for pictures. Don't you worry! I have shot weddings where it's snowing outside, raining, wind blowing sideways, all craziness and we always still get lovely photos out of it. I'm sure that you are watching the weather like a hawk the week of your wedding - as am I - and we will work together to make it perfect for you. 

Have a question that I didn't answer?

Shoot me an email and I would be happy to answer it for you!

If you've landed yourself on this page, great work! It's such a great idea to check what your photographer has in place for emergencies. We are only human, and they do happen - so it's great to be as prepared as possible! 

How many cameras do you use?

At each wedding I shoot, I typically use one to two myself. BUT you'll notice that all of my packages, no matter the price difference do include a second shooter. This is because of two things: 


1 - I do not want to miss a single thing. Weddings move quickly and so do we! But having two people allows me to cover every moment and still focus on it creatively. 

2 - The most important reason of having a second shooter is that there is a backup of almost everything. So God forbid something happen with either one of us, but there will be a back up either way. 



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