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Dance Recital Photos

As a former Decatur Park District dance student and teacher, I can confidently say that you have chosen the *best* family to be a part of! The park district cares for its dancers past the classroom, and that is something that they will take with them for life, I know I have! I could not pass on the chance to work with them again, and I would love the chance to capture your dancer on film so that you can keep these memories for years to come.



Families with one child: 

$20 per class, per child

Complimentary after three classes have been purchased

Families with more than one child:

$15 per class, per child

Complimentary after three classes per child have been purchased

Price Breakdown

  • Two individual portraits of your child(ren) in both web resolution and print resolution.

  • One class photograph of your child(ren)'s class in both web resolution and print resolution. 

    • Web Resolution: Posting/sharing on social media

    • Print Resolultion: Decorating your walls! 

  • Online access to the class gallery to post, print and share at your leisure.

Photography Includes

What's next?

Fill out the following questionnaire. Afterwards, I will be in contact with you via email for confirmation and how to proceed with payment. Thank you!!

**Online registering is now closed, but you can register in person at the ARC before your child(ren)'s photos with cash or card.

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